What Is Contextual Advertising and How Is It Done?

What is Contextual Advertising?There are thousands of ads floating on internet focusing different products and services. More than 90% of websites show some ad that is relevant to the content of that page. These ads mainly come from Google or other similar advertising network. This type of promotion of a product or service on a website having relevant content is known as contextual advertising to the internet marketers. For example, if you are willing to buy a property and you input your keywords in the Google search bar and search a website dealing in the property business then you may see an ad of a real estate agent in this page then this type of advertising is contextual advertising of the real estate agent.How it is done?In this type of advertising, an ad of a product or service will be viewed by all those viewers who visit those websites showing that ad. So if an advertiser has decided to publish an ad through Google AdSense, then his ad will be viewed by thousands of targeted visitors depending on the budget of the advertiser. There is no need for the advertisers to know the publishers personally because the advertiser would get any publisher he may not know. There is also no limit to the maximum publishers an advertiser may get because the number of publishers an advertiser may get depends on the budget he has planned for his ads. All the publishers who belong with the same niche as the advertiser is may publish the ad of the advertiser because the distribution of ads among the publishers is done by the programs operating in the Google server.Benefits to the publishersMore and more users who own a website or blog are joining the various advertising networks to become publishers. The reason for continuous increment in publishers is the revenue a publisher earns when a visitor reaches to the site of the advertiser after clicking the ad published in the site of the publisher. There is no limit to how much a publisher may earn because his earning is directly proportional to the number of clicks that the site of the publisher can give to the advertiser. Google AdSense is the best and cheapest method to become a publisher because to become a publisher through Google, you will not need to run those costly offline advertising campaigns. All you need to become a publisher is an online web portal where you can publish your content.Google AdSense has changed the face of the contextual advertising by making an automated relation between the advertisers and the publishers. So this type of advertising is now much easier with Google AdSense and other similar advertising networks.